Turn Your Time, Energy & Knowledge Investment on Clubhouse Into a Consistent Cash Flow For Your Business

How we're using our PROFIT Formula to convert our audience from Clubhouse to clients (This will work , even if you're not on Clubhouse)


June 16th, 2021 11am-3pm EST

It's time to put your ideas on an actual canvas and

turn Clubhouse into a money-making platform.

Hey There! I'm glad you're here! 

Are you on Clubhouse adding tremendous value day after day but still haven't quite figured out how to maximize your time, impact, and income? 

I know how you feel. 

I spent weeks roaming the hallways trying to figure out how to do this after hearing and seeing so many amazing stories and discovering the magic that is Clubhouse.

Weeks of opening one room after another.

Weeks of wondering how to establish authority and amass a following on Clubhouse.

Weeks of listening and reading other people's testimonies on Clubhouse and wondering how they 

do it?

Weeks of constant researching, self-questioning filled with the zeal to learn and ready to finally make a breakthrough on Clubhouse.

And finally, my breakthrough came… 

After making connections that landed me in Forbes and on stages collaborating with industry leaders and closing 6 figures in deals in less than 90 days, it finally dawned

on me... 

All this was possible because I took the time to study what worked and what didn't and create a strategic plan that has changed my life forever. 

Coaches, speakers, and consultants are

wasting time on Clubhouse...

You spend hours on Clubhouse trying to establish yourself as an authority, but still, you haven't quite figured out how to monetize your efforts. 

The ROI you want, the income you want all depends on the strategies you use.

I am not talking about using the same washed-up strategies that have been used again and again.

NO! That doesn't work...take it from me. It DOESN'T WORK. 

I'm talking about creating multiple spreadsheets, processes and intensely analyzing the best ways to leverage your time while becoming an authority and having record-breaking sales in the next few months. 

We're Back, and It's Bigger and Better…

If you missed out on the first Clubhouse to Cash Flow training, we're presenting you with another unique opportunity to attend our high-level class training to learn all the skills and techniques for turning Clubhouse into Cash Flow for your business.

PS: These goldmine strategies won't last long on Clubhouse. Your competitors will soon discover this incredible strategy which is capable of generating 6-Figures in 90-days. That's why it is important to jump on this train and get these strategies today! 

If You're a Coach, Speaker, Consultant, or Service Provider Tired

of Spending Hours on End 'Adding Value,' 'Being Intentional' and  'Dropping Gems' And End Up with Little To NO Results

to Show For It, This is Training For You. 

Is This You? 

  • You are a CEO, Expert, Service Provider, Coach, Or Consultant who adds enormous value to the lives of your audience, and you are ready to increase your income and impact. 

  • You love Clubhouse and understand how it can impact your business, but want to decrease the time you spend on the app while continuing to achieve results effortlessly.

  • You go into rooms and wait hours to get on stage because you haven't positioned yourself well enough to be pulled on stage as an Authority that is recognized in the CH community. 

  • You start your rooms and pour out your best content to a handful of people, and you still can't figure out how to grow your audience so that you can increase the number of people who take action with you after the room. 

  • You have to rely on a ton of sales to close six figures in sales because your services aren't priced properly, and you're burned out from having to deliver on high volume and low prices products or services. 

  • Clubhouse is new, and it is quickly separating the people who spend hours of their time with little to show for it and the people who show up with their best foot forward and a profitable plan while everyone else spins their wheels to figure it out. 

What You'll Learn At The Clubhouse to Cash Flow Training:​

Position for P.R.O.F.I.T.

Everything you need to know to position yourself as the industry leader you are and attract game changing opportunities and your ideal audience at the same time. 

Return On Intention (R.O.I.)

My proven formula will show you how to make sure you set the right goals and that they reap the reward of opportunities, partnerships, audience building, and increased revenue through making consistent, intentional investments.

Offers That Drive Fast Action

Your offer should be undeniably compelling enough to make your audience feel like they can’t wait to sign up and apply it right away because it solves a “right now” problem that they are seeking the solution for.

Funnel Formula

It’s not enough to just have a funnel if it does not take people from attraction to conversion as quickly and seamlessly as possible. You will learn the funnel formula that has allowed me to have an automated way to turn quality connections into never-ending cash flow.

Intentional “On-Demand” Traffic & Conversions

The power of Clubhouse is the ability to have an online event at any time of day and night and always have an audience. I’ll show you the exact steps I took to add thousands of new email/text subscribers, bring in sales while I sleep, and turn 50% of my sales calls into new clients paying $5k-$25k or more for our services.  

Tracking the data

It’s easy to get lost in all of the great rooms and get caught up in the excitement of learning the next new thing. As a business owner, it is imperative that you make decisions on how you will leverage your time by tracking the right data for optimal results. I’ll share the 6 types of data I collect to plan my next move strategically. 

* Formal details will be provided via email after you secure your seat. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

Jalynn Jones 

I cannot WAIT for the replay. What I LOVED about this training is how it out everything I felt like I knew in the proper order to generate revenue. It’s one thing to have information; it’s another thing to systemize the information to convert to cash! Since the training, I have created a hit list of high-profile collaborations to establish clubhouse authority and sell with ease. I’ve also edited my bio, and my position is AMAZING. 


I could even help one of my clients edit her bio today with the strategies I learned. I had my client follow TerDawn so that she can be in company with the woman who’s rocking clubhouse like none other!

Patricia Smoot Wicks

TerDawn delivers consistently on what she promises. This time was no different. I am a budding clubhouse moderator And was completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available on CH. where to even begin!!  What TerDawn shared during our clubhouse training flattened my learning curve so that as I launch my campaign to share value and bring new clients to my company, I will have the structures in place to receive them. Thank you thank you thank you for your consistent care of your community.

Debi Talbert 

I want to thank you for sharing your experience and best practices based upon real world experience in Clubhouse. You've sped up my learning curve tremendously. I now know what to focus on and in what order to grow my revenue from the time I spend on Clubhouse.


I especially liked the flow of the 4 hours. You shared ahead of time what we would learn and then broke up the training with Q&A at the end of each session and provided a nice 15 minute break.


You charged me a 2 star hotel price but delivered a 5 star hotel value in content & experience. 

Kerryn Fields

If you’re a business owner using Clubhouse and not sure how to use the platform to drive engagement with your networks, or how to drive your sales through clubhouse, then you have to do TerDawn’s training! This powerhouse knows her stuff and the training is incredibly useful and insightful in a number of ways to help you grow and level up your efforts.


TerDawn is authentic, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about each of her students.  I am so glad I did the training and it’s opened my eyes to things I hadn’t even thought about.  You won’t regret it.

Let me introduce myself

My name is TerDawn DeBoe, and I've been labeled a Clubhouse expert by my tribe and other industry leaders.


This is because, in just under 90 days, I've become the official Clubhouse Expert for Social Media Examiner, the world's largest social media marketing resource. I've also been featured in Forbes and other authority sites for my strategies on how to maximize Clubhouse for your business.


When I first got an invite to join Clubhouse, I thought, "Oh No! Not another thing to learn."


 As a Mom and CEO of the 10 person agency, Creative Thought Solutions, and the founder of ClubhouseDaily.com, in the last 7 years, I've specialized in helping industry experts connect digital marketing to thought leadership so that they can explode their brand, business, and bank account.

Every day, we help our clients break through their income ceiling to grow and scale a business that allows them to walk into alignment, profit, and freedom.


Using my industry knowledge and expertise, extensive skill set, and creativity, I dove headfirst into the app.


Through trial, error, and tons of data; I found a proven formula that has allowed me to;

  • Add over 5000 new followers on Instagram

  • Add close to 2000 people in my online community for Entrepreneurs using the app

  • Add thousands of people to my email/text list

  • Sold thousands of dollars in digital products

  • Fill my sales calendar for two months

  • Be featured in Forbes

  • Become the Clubhouse Expert for Social Media Examiner

  • Book several paid speaking events 

  • And close six figures in sales

This showed me just how powerful this tool really is…..if you have the right strategy.


I'm not the only one with excellent results. As soon as I started sharing my strategies with my clients and community, they started achieving big results too!


In this one-day introduction training, I will share what it will take for you to prepare, plan and position your business to close big deals without overworking, hustling, or creating a job for yourself even though you call yourself the CEO.  

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